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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

HB 1981

Last week Rep. Joe Tolson, Rep. Becky Carney, and Rep. Douglass Yongue filed House Bill 1981 the Teachers’ IT Funding Initiative. Basically it allocates $52M to LEAs to spend, based on Average Daily Membership (ADM), on personnel, hardware, software, and/or professional development as specified in their LEA technology plans.

The intent is for this to be a separate fund, not PRC 15, and that it be used to supplement not supplant currently funded technology initiatives. The Governor’s budget requested $4M for connectivity and $2.5M for the North Carolina Virtual Public School. All this points to the understanding that in order for NC to prosper economically, we must create opportunities and resources for moving our schools toward a more technologically savvy environment.

Now is the time for us to thank those responsible for introducing these bills, and begin the careful lobbying for this technology legislation. We must go forward supporting all educational initiatives, highlighting the ways in which technology is helping move all instructional programs forward. Please begin the conversation by inviting a legislator, State Board member, or member of the Governor’s staff to your LEA. Let them see for themselves how important it is to IMPACT Teaching, IMPACT Learning, IMPACT motivation, and IMPACT student achievement.


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